Michael Bublé kicks off “greatest show on Earth” in Vancouver

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      Michael Bublé may travel the world, singing to sold-out crowds of hundreds in places like London, Sydney, and Los Angeles, but there’s no place like home for the 38-year-old Burnaby boy.

      The multiple Grammy and Juno winner got together with members of the press yesterday afternoon to answer some questions in advance of his upcoming Canadian tour, starting tonight (June 19) at the Rogers Arena here in Vancouver.

      “It’s not even about the Bublés; I should just have a show of hands of how many people I know personally in the audience because it’s going to be crazy,” he said when asked how many of his relatives were going to be in attendance. “It’s always going to matter more to me when I come back to Vancouver.”

      Bublé was asked questions about everything from nationalism to fatherhood to his opinion on scalpers, and he answered all of them with his typical self-deprecating humour.

      “I can tell you who won’t come up. The people who I can see have smoked pot and are vacant-eyed,” he replied when asked what it takes to get onstage with him. “In Vancouver, that’s one of every two people,” he jokingly added.

      Bublé’s world tour started last year in London, England, where he played a record 10 sold-out shows in a row, and now the superstar crooner is seasoned and ready for the Canadian leg. This part of the tour will see him playing in arenas from Vancouver to Montreal and everywhere in between. From there, he will head to the States, then South America with a brief break before heading back over to England.

      When asked his feelings on scalpers at his sold-out shows, he was frank in his response. “I don’t want to look out and see old rich people,” he said. “And that’s the truth! And when you jack your tickets up like that, I’ve seen it before.”

      “I want my kind of people, I want people like my mom and dad and my sisters who are blue-collar people who don’t make a billion bucks a year, who work hard, that’s who I want to see out there. That’s who get me. You know? I don’t want to play to people shaking their jewellery in the front row. It turns me right off. It makes it not fun for me.

      “The truth is, you know it, because it’s a 78-year-old guy with a 28-year-old girlfriend, you know what I mean? And it bothers me. That’s not a fan, that’s just a guy trying to, you know, get laid.”

      Regardless of the people in the audience, at each show, he will not just sing, he will perform, telling jokes, interacting with the audience, and giving his fans more than just the music. When asked why he does this, his reasons were simple.

      “I’ve always felt like if you’re going to just play music for people, that’s lovely, that’s fine,” he said. “But I’ve always had a hard time understanding why I would pay $100 to go and listen to something I could pop in my stereo at home and pay nothing for. And, you know, the lineups are far shorter for the bathroom at my house.”

      For Bublé, the most important part is the experience, and he will give it to people at any cost. He recounted a story from last year’s Australia tour where he knocked out his own tooth onstage when he stepped on the mic stand and it bounced up and hit him in the face. Amazingly, he didn’t miss a beat and kept performing until the end of the show.

      This dedication to the show runs through every aspect of his life, and can be seen in his job as well as his newfound fatherhood. When he’s not performing, Bublé can be seen with his 10-month-old son Noah. He feels that being a father has changed everything for him, and that everything is finally in place in his life.

      “It puts less pressure on me because at the end of the day, and at the beginning of the day, I know that I’m the kid’s dad and that fills me up,” he said when asked how fatherhood impacted him. “And this thing that I’m doing, the entertainment, the music, is awesome and I’m grateful for it, but it’s my job, it’s not who I am.”

      His modesty only extends so far, and his cocky side comes back out when he’s asked about his upcoming tour. “There’s no room for humility when I tell you that it’s the greatest show on Earth. We bust our ass to make sure this show is an elevation in every single way,” he said.

      Michael Bublé will perform at Rogers Arena Thursday and Friday (June 19 and 20) at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.