SoManyDJs: Zeeaa is a world-class troll

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      Zeeaa is a DJ, a radio host, and a grown man who tweets at food bloggers once a month to make fun of them.

      You can catch this dapper Jägerbomb aficionado, also known as Zia Hirji, every month at Side Chick, a rap and R&B party at the Projection Room. Show up and he promises to give you a shout-out when you enter, and to cut off the music so he can yell out all the most offensive lyrics. This will be complemented by gratuitous use of air horns and fog machines throughout the proceedings.

      If that’s not your thing, you can tune in every Wednesday at 8 p.m. to hear Zeeaa host Inside Out Radio on CiTR 101.9 FM. Do so and you’ll be treated to electronic dance music, new and old, with a heavy focus on local talent. The show has been on the air for five years and counting, and has a captive audience purported to be in the dozens—likely making it the most listened-to college-radio show in the country.

      And if music isn’t your thing, you can observe him being a jerk on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Just this month Zeeaa expanded his trolling endeavours beyond food bloggers to include a rather heinous-looking craft-beer booze cruise. What started with him asking if he could drive the boat on the cruise’s Facebook page ignited an unruly online mob with the noble goal of making fun of the sort of people who would pay money to attend a craft-beer booze cruise.

      The event was swiftly inundated with hundreds of inane questions about the cruise’s policy on pirate attacks, Bitcoin, ayahuasca, spaghetti, vaping, and peeing off the side of the boat.

      This lesson in herd mentality demonstrated that online mobs can do good and inspire laughter instead of the usual: expressing outrage, educating you about Bernie Sanders, and harassing people until they quit the Internet. But fret not, craft-beer lovers, the booze cruise is still a go. Except the commenting on the Facebook event appears to be heavily moderated now. Oh well, at least Zeeaa will always have dance floors, college-radio fans, and food bloggers to terrorize.

      Best gig ever

      Probably when me and AJK had Cut Copy DJ the one-year anniversary of our Midnight City party. That was one of the biggest events we did to date. The vibe of the room was amazing, I was surrounded by all my friends at once, and I also got to play records.

      Top track right now

      My top track at the moment is “Come and See Me” by PARTYNEXTDOOR, featuring Drake. It’s not the newest song, but it’s a total vibe. It also features my favourite kind of Drake, aka Emotional Drake. Essentially, all you need to do is throw this track on, light some candles, and you’re good.

      A song that cleared the dance floor

      I was playing to a room of about 250 people and just got that itch. George. Salsa. Boca Raton. Had to get that feeling, so I dropped the theme song from Seinfeld. I can’t say that what I saw could be described as smiles or even movement. But there was jaw-dropping, so I knew I was onto something. Chopped salad and scrambled eggs were needed up in the club that night, too, so about 15 minutes later I played the theme song from Frasier.

      Fave Vancouver producer

      I rate Florist. He released my favourite record of 2015, the Phenomena EP, on All Caps. He’s also a great DJ, good at jokes, and has one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet. But big up all the homies doing things on the Canadian Riviera—Pacific Rhythm, It’s Your Turn, Mood Hut, and 1080p.

      What’s up with trolling craft-beer booze cruises on Facebook?

      I honestly have no clue why you’re asking me this question. I had nothing to do with the online mob that posted hundreds of inane questions in a craft-beer cruise’s Facebook event. All I wanted to know is if I could drive the boat, a question that still hasn’t been answered.

      Oddest request you’ve ever received

      There was one time where it was this girl’s birthday. All of her friends came up to request a song and it finally leaked that it was her birthday! I couldn’t believe that she didn’t just tell me in the first place, because that’s a sure-fire way to get a record played. So happy that I was a part of her night and that she had the best time ever!