What's in Your Fridge: Andrew Loog Oldham

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      What’s in Your Fridge is where the Straight asks interesting Vancouverites about their life-changing concerts, favourite albums, and, most importantly, what’s sitting beside the Heinz Ketchup in their custom-made Big Chill Retropolitan 20.6-cubic-foot refrigerators.

      On the grill

      Andrew Loog Oldham

      Who are you

      I am Andrew Loog Oldham. At the age of 19 I discovered, uncovered, managed, and produced a British musical group known as the Rolling Stones and until I was 23 worked at making them a way of life for as many folks as possible.

      First concert

      Bill Haley & the Comets, Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, London. I was 11 years old. My mother carefully groomed my kiss-curl, warned me about speaking to strange men, and sent me on my way. Bill Haley was awful. Looked like the perv uncle I never had. But his band swung. I was confused and disappointed. I wanted my music to swing and be good-looking with attitude. I was rescued a year later when I saw the movie The Girl Can't Help It and witnessed Eddie Cochran, Little Richard, and Gene Vincent.

      Life-changing concert

      Vince Taylor & the Playboys at the 2i's, Old Compton Street, Soho, London W1 in 1958. Attitude dancing! The man who would be king... 

      Top three records

      The Rolling Stones, "Let's Spend the Night Together"  Harder to make than "Satisfaction" coz it always is when you are following a national anthem.

      The Beach Boys, "God Only Knows"  Brought some love into my life when my heart was hard. Plus a genius recording and placement of opposites, i.e. guitars doing brass parts, voices doing string parts, and all on 4-tracks.

      Eddie Cochran, "20 Flight Rock"  It gave me hope, attitude, and example. Merged with my ambition and gave it balls! 

      All-time favourite video

      Laurie Anderson, "O Superman"  Innovative, resourceful, and forever.

      Close second: The Who, "You Better, You Bet". Same reasons.

      What’s in your fridge

      In the freezer: my black jeans being de-toxed and brightened as opposed to being worn out at the cleaners.

      Various teas for my liver and well-being from Lloyd Wright's alternative-medicine store for Hep-C folks. I've cleared it via Harvoni but the organic milk thistle, dandelion, thymus, and hyssop teas help nourish the organ after the battles I put it through.

      The main fridge? Not my department, apart from the gluten-free yogurt, black chocolate, and loads of red berries and fruit.