Cool Ghouls at Electric Owl

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      Oh, man. Don’t know about you, but Halloween can’t come soon enough for some of us. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We have fond memories of trick-or-treating and gorging ourselves on the sweet, sweet spoils. But Halloween isn’t just for kids, not by a long shot. It’s the one night a year when you can truly let your freak flag fly at full mast.

      None of which really has anything to do with San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls. We just dig the name because it makes us think of All Hallows Eve. And the Cool Ghouls’ brand of jangly, lo-fi garage rawk smacks of the ’60s just enough to sound like the kind of thing Herman Munster might blast while he’s bombing down Mockingbird Lane in the Drag-U-La.

      There’s no real reason to dress up like something from Tim Burton’s feverish nightmares when Cool Ghouls hit Electric Owl on Monday (July 28). Then again, there’s no real reason not to.