Local DJ Myte brings new sound to Vancouver's electronic-music scene

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      As one of the most male-dominated genres in the industry, electronic music is notoriously unwelcoming to women. Local DJ Myte, or Lyndsy Brow to her friends, hasn’t let that stop her.

      When the performer began her career 14 years ago, she entered a world hampered by a lack of community. Electronic music was growing at a slower rate in Vancouver than in other Canadian cultural centres like Toronto, and few venues were prepared to take a chance on house and techno.

      Myte set out to change that. Taking it upon herself to introduce her sound to a new audience, she built a career that sees her regularly spinning alongside international techno stars like Mano Le Tough, Steffi, and Daniel Bell.

      “I first co-ran a radio show called The Shakedown,” Myte told the Straight, on the line from Berlin, “which intended to raise the profile of electronic music and showcase progressive tracks. The cohost was Joseph Martin, who went on to head the internationally recognized label East Van Digital."

      Building on that program’s achievements, Myte became a member of Subversive, a DJ crew that brings techno shows to local venues. Booking some of the world’s best live acts, and then offering homegrown DJs the chance to play in support, Subversive has helped turn Vancouver into a hub of North American techno.

      “We make use of alternative spaces for electronic music,” she said. "Subversive aims to keep checking artists off our 'wish-list' in order to continue showcasing music that speaks to us, and really drive the genre forward in Vancouver. I'm proud to be a part of a collective that's not afraid to take risks when booking performers."

      Myte’s next project is to ensure female DJs don’t get passed over “because people think they don’t have the chops”, without creating a female-positive gender bias.

      “It’s about equality,” she said, “and redrawing the boundaries. I’ve definitely felt a shift in recent years, and it’s important to keep that momentum going.”

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