Local band Smash Boom Pow take on the airwaves

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      Higher Power of Desire (Independent)

      The first sound listeners hear on Smash Boom Pow’s Higher Power of Desire EP is the looming, jet-black synth buzz of “Listen to Me”. This intro is delivered with industrial-style ominousness, and the dour tone is reinforced by the heavy blues-rock riffs and sanity-questioning lyrics that follow.

      Don’t be fooled by this opener, however. The EP’s mood changes exactly 46 seconds into swaggering second track “What I Do”, when the slinky minimalism of the intro goes widescreen: the sweetly simple vocal hook is supported by crunchy guitar chords, while a subtle keyboard line twinkles softly in the background.

      This combination of grey-scale soundscapes and honeyed pop is right in the fraternal duo’s wheelhouse. The band took part in last year’s PEAK Performance Project (spearheaded by local station 102.7 The PEAK), so it’s no surprise that these brothers know their way around a radio-friendly refrain. “Friends” is a particularly compelling example of their melodic talents, as singer Ulysses Coppard shows off a soulful falsetto amidst alt-rock guitar and Zane Coppard’s shimmying grooves. With hummable choruses like these, don’t be surprised if Smash Boom Pow’s moody pop sounds become a fast favourite on airwaves around town.


      Smash Boom Pow - A Girl