Vancouver's experimental rap duo So Loki amp it up

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      So Loki

      V (Owake)

      Vancouver hip-hop duo So Loki has just launched what might be one of the most intriguing marketing campaigns of all time. Concealing their debut album in a vacuum-packed rubber cross and limiting its release to just 100 copies, rapper Sam Lucia and producer Geoffrey Millar (a.k.a. Natura) have built a hype around their new record, V, that’s left fans foaming at the mouth. Selling out in less than 26 hours, the cross has already become a collectors’ item.

      And for good reason. Blending electronic sounds with tight, well-produced beats, the record is both experimental and accessible. Album opener “Ninjas” deftly combines a reverb-drenched eastern flavour with resonant piano chords, which, when married with Lucia’s flow, creates a cinematic listening experience. Sure, the rapper has a slightly odd tone to his voice—imagine the high-pitched squeak that comes out when you’re on the verge of tears—but the song’s catchy hook and melody complement the MC’s idiosyncrasies.

      Standout single “Wild Kids” lends dynamic contrast to the five-track album. Beginning with a calming synth line and half-whispered rhyme, the track dives into an aggressive beat, with Lucia’s bellicose raps adding muscle to the record. “Two Piece”, meanwhile, showcases Millar at his best. Mixing a smooth, Indian tabla-driven rhythm with electronic accents, the producer’s most experimental track proves his talent in mixing multiple samples from different musical traditions.

      Want to hear the future of Vancouver’s hip-hop? So Loki’s USB crosses may be sold-out, but select tracks are available on the duo’s Soundcloud. Trust us. It’s worth a listen.


      So Loki - Birthday


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