Five Alarm Funk gets animated

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      Last year, party-starting local ensemble Five Alarm Funk released ABANDONEARTH, a concept album about our planet’s destruction at the hands of a giant robot. Now the group has teamed with Vancouver animation studio Atomic Cartoons and plans to turn the record into a feature-length movie.

      Drummer-vocalist Tayo Branston approached Atomic with the idea when Five Alarm Funk performed at one of the company’s staff events. The firm agreed to help adapt the album into what Branston calls a “funk opera” using a hybrid of live action and animation.

      “It’s on the edge of realism, but it’s definitely fantastical,” Branston told the Straight. “It still has kind of a painted feel to it.” The finished product will include dialogue, an expanded story line, and additional music.

      Five Alarm Funk and Atomic will begin by creating a music video, which they expect to be out in March. They will then use that short clip as a pitch to try to secure a home for the planned feature-length project. “If all dreams come true, we could get it on Netflix or Shomi,” Branston said.