Let’s talk about Roger Waters' dismissal of Donald Trump, Adele's stage fright, and badass POTUS

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      Wish you weren’t here

      Roger Waters—whose involvement with Pink Floyd’s The Wall makes him more qualified than most to judge—has suggested Donald Trump is as dangerous as Adolf Hitler. With that he, ahem, trumped previous description of the U.S. presidential hopeful as “pig-ignorant” and “sexist”.


      Adele told Rolling Stone that while she no longer suffers from stage fright, having to play live used to make her projectile-vomit at the beginning of her career. Her fans, meanwhile, haven’t stopped projectile-vomiting ever since the singer confessed in July she sometimes sucks the snot out of her son’s nose.

      The other side

      How charismatic is Barack Obama? Well, after meeting the outgoing POTUS at a Florida airport, Aerosmith guitarist and staunch Republican Joe Perry described him as “pretty amazing”. He left out “badass”, but you know he was thinking it.

      Let’s (not) dance

      Spiders From Mars drummer Mick “Woody” Woodmansey has revealed that he was asked to take part in Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute at the Grammys. His response? “No. Fuck off, that’s stupid.”