Smashingly soulful Sam Smith charms the pants off Vancouver

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      At Rogers Arena on Wednesday, February 4

      Sam Smith may not be the most exciting entertainer on the planet, but he’s certainly the most endearing.

      Fans came to hear the London artist’s extraordinary voice—he’s got a range as wide as the Thames—but they left with an even bigger crush, with Smith proving himself to be a total sweetheart.

      The 22-year-old, who’s up for six Grammys this weekend, sincerely thanked people over and over again for coming to the show. He also appeared humbled to be playing Rogers Arena. Having bypassed the small clubs and shitty van tours altogether, the breakout soul singer told the crowd what he thought about the venue when he stopped in for sound check earlier that day. “I couldn’t believe how big it was.” At which point he thanked fans once more for showing up.

      Wearing a black suit and shirt and shiny black runners, Smith played every song off his only album, In the Lonely Hour. Although he cancelled his Seattle appearance just two days earlier because he’d lost his voice, his pipes weren’t the least bit hurting on this night. The singer’s vocals were silky, soulful, and commanding.

      Opening with “Life Support” while perched atop a simulated giant trophy stand, and flanked by a trio of kick-ass backup gospel singers and a slick five-piece band, Smith took fans on a sweet ride that also included a super sultry rendition of “My Funny Valentine”. He stripped things down for “Leave Your Lover”, accompanied by just a grand piano player.

      Endearing himself to fans even more, he talked about the heartbreak that inspired that song and how he’s still hoping for his first serious boyfriend.

      Smith encouraged audience members to sing along with him throughout, and, not surprisingly, nowhere were they louder than on the powerhouse closer, “Stay With Me”.

      He mentioned that he’s “shitting himself” at the thought of performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, but Smith doesn’t need to worry. Television viewers will probably end up adoring him even more, just as his Vancouver fans did.