Video: Parker Bossley talks Gay Nineties cover, #StraightUnplugged, and Sam Roberts

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      On Friday, local indie band Gay Nineties became the second act in our #StraightUnplugged concert series.

      Celebrating Vancouver bands who've made it onto our cover and our 50th anniversary, the shows are an opportunity for our readers to get up close and personal with some of the city's most popular musicians.

      Bossley stopped by the office for an interview following the show on Monday, where he told us how the Straight has served him over the years.

      "The Georgia Straight, for me, has always been this kind of omnipresent fixture of Vancouver," he said, giving a nod to sex columnist Dan Savage and the Straight's extensive local concert listings section.

      When it came to the band's recent cover feature in the paper, Bossley said it was a cool experience, but "probably even cooler for my parents than it was for me".

      Check out the full interview below. Missed the concert? Watch the set here

      Amanda Siebert