U2 sightings in Vancouver for Joshua Tree tour have been rare, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen

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      U2 has proven itself great at many things, including filling football stadiums, staying relevant after an astonishing five decades in the business, and managing to live life more or less outside of the spotlight when not on stage.

      On the latter front, the weirdest things about the band’s past week in Vancouver—during which it’s been prepping for its wildly anticipated Joshua Tree tour—is that sightings have been almost nonexistent.

      To date, all we’ve got is a report of drummer Larry Mullen Jr. walking the seawall. Bassist Adam Clayton evidently never left his hotel room, while we’re going to assume that guitarist The Edge swapped his trademark toque in for a ’70s ski-slopes-issue balaclava whenever he ventured outside to brave the monsoons. 

      That left Bono as the lone member of U2 who seemed determined to get out and enjoy our water-logged town. And ever then, he wasn’t exactly making the scene 24-7. 

      All we got from the sunglasses-sporting singer was an official U2 Instagram-account pic of him on a False Creek mini-ferry, and a grainy shot of him enjoying what appears to be a tall, delicious, and refreshing glass of tap water at Gastown's the Diamond. No ice, straw, or fancy mini umbrella.

      U2 plays BC Place tonight. 

      As for us, next time U2 comes to town, we're going to guarantee ourselves a sighting by camping out, in no particular order, at Doolin's Irish Pub, Mahony & Sons, the Irish Heather, the Sunglass Hut in Metrotown, the Celtic Treasure Chest on Dunbar, and the Western Front's annual Toque Fair.