Angry fans hold protest outside B.C. Place during delayed entry to U2 concert in Vancouver

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      Excitement turned to anger last night outside B.C. Place before U2's concert.

      That's because thousands of fans faced excruciating delays entering the building.

      As a result, many ticket holders had to listen to the backup act, Mumford and Sons, from the pavement outside.

      At one point, furious fans were chanting "let us in".

      Inside, Mumford and Sons' setlist included "I Will Wait".

      The mixup prompted an apology from B.C. Place, which is operated by the provincial Crown corporation Pavco.

      But saying you're sorry wasn't good enough for some.

      U2 waited until all the fans were inside the stadium before beginning its show.

      It was the Irish band's 16th concert in Vancouver and came 30 years after its first performance at B.C.. Place in 1987.