Khatsahlano acts get prepared for a party

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      Admittedly, there are times these days when it all seems a bit much. South of the border, the Mango Mussolini known as Donald Trump is doing his best to destabilize the world. The icecaps are melting in Antarctica. And, closer to home, the dream of living anywhere other than an East Vancouver basement suite for the rest of your life is quickly becoming a nonstarter.

      But you know what they say: when everything looks more depressing than Joy Division’s Closer, the best antidote is a party. And what better place to party this weekend than Kitsilano’s West 4th Avenue, which on Saturday hosts the latest edition of the always epic Khatsahlano Street Party. As in past years, you can expect a veritable avalanche of top-flight local musical talent, including the Courtneys, Louise Burns, D.O.A., Twin Bandit, and this week’s Georgia Straight cover stars, the Zolas.

      Because Khats—which also includes such diversions as beer gardens, food trucks, fashion shows, and yoga classes—has always been about local music, we’ve asked some of our favourite Lower Mainland acts to list off the homegrown legends who made them want to start a band.

      And because the Khatsahlano Street Party is also about enjoying a great party—hell, it’s right there in the title—we’ve also asked them to recount that time when they went hard enough to impress the great prophet Andrew W.K.

      Now get yourself down to Khats this Saturday (July 8) and immerse yourself in a day of music that will feature the acts below as part of a 40-band blowout. At least for a day, you’ll be able to forget all about the various troubles of the world. But only if you remember to party.