Khatsahlano 2017: Douse

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      Alea Clark is responsible for the delicate vocals and Jeremiah Ackermann the complex drumming of the New West art-rock trio Douse, which creates esoteric and emotive guitar-driven tracks that you can sample here

      Favourite party memory (Alea): “On Halloween a few years ago, Jeremiah and I were too lazy to figure out costumes, so we dressed up as our bandmate Patrick [Farrugia]. We painted on facial hair, slicked back our hair badly, and threw on matching sweaters. When we showed up to Patrick’s house party with our corresponding moustache/sideburn combo, everyone at the party broke out in laughter except Patrick himself. He was less than amused. It was probably our best group costume to date.”

      Seminal local influence (Jeremiah): “All three of us have been huge fans of We Are the City for years. Watching them reinvent themselves from album to album, and seeing the way that they experiment both musically and with their marketing is compelling and inspiring. We really appreciate how carefully planned every aspect of their career has been. They know exactly how to form an original atmosphere and image for themselves. What could be more motivating?”

      Douse plays the Mobi Stage at Balsam Street at 7 p.m. on Saturday (July 8) at the West 4th Avenue Khatsahlano Street Party.

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