Bruno Mars and his infectious tunes get the crowd dancing all night at sold-out Vancouver gig

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      At Rogers Arena on Wednesday, July 26.

      When Bruno Mars (born Peter Gene Hernandez) comes to town, you scramble to buy tickets even when they are already sold-out because you know he’s going to put on one helluva show.

      And that’s exactly what he did last night (July 26) at Rogers Arena—nearly 19,000 concert-goers were treated to a stellar performance by Mars and his band the Hooligans, coupled with synchronized dancing and dazzling stage effects.

      Former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello was the scheduled opener for the night, and took to the stage at exactly 8 p.m. Her upbeat performance wrapped up half an hour later, which left the audience patiently waiting for the star of the show to arrive.

      After a long and lengthy interval, Mars finally appeared on stage at 9:30 p.m. and officially kicked off his 24K Magic World Tour in Vancouver by singing his first track of the night, “Finesse”. This was followed by “24K Magic”, another hit from his newest album of the same name that garnered plenty of cheering and dancing along from die-hard fans.

      “We have been waiting a long time to come back to Vancouver,” the artist shouted to the high-energy crowd, which led to deafening rounds of applause and screams. “We gonna have some fun tonight!”

      The multi Grammy-award winner continued to show why he's one of the best in the music industry by showcasing his strong and charismatic vocals in both new (“Perm” and “Calling All My Lovelies”) and old (“Treasure” and “Marry You”) hits. 

      His eight-member band that make up the Hooligans kept up with their boss the entire night, harmonizing and dancing while playing everything from drums to guitars, trumpet to saxophone, and keyboards to backing vocals.

      Stage effects and flashing lights were a big part of the entertaining concert.
      Tammy Kwan

      There were no costume changes during the 1.5-hour long show. But let’s be honest, who would notice what Mars was wearing when every person in the arena was mesmerized by his singing, perfectly coordinated dance moves, stage effects (think rainbow light boxes, flashing strobe lights, fireworks), and all-in-all entertaining live performance?

      If you really must know about his concert attire, the pint-sized singer donned a red baseball-style shirt with white letters across the chest that read “Hooligans”, paired with a matching red snapback.  

      At this point, it should be noted that most of the 24K Magic World Tour attendees were dancing and singing and jumping to Mars’ songs right from the start of his show. We were seated in the plaza section, and were surrounded by a few senior couples who looked like they would be the type to enjoy the concert while sitting down.

      We were wrong—the grannies and grampies shuffled their feet and waved their arms as if they were a few decades younger.

      The only time the atmosphere became mellow was when Mars started serenading the audience with “When I Was Your Man”. Hundreds of smartphone flashlights turned on, creating a sea of cellular stars. He sang with so much emotion that it compelled him to shed a tear or two.

      When most people started to dread the fact that his concert was nearing the end after 12 songs, the “Runaway Baby” crooner wowed again with love-tune “Grenade”. He made sure you didn't forget how talented he is with instruments by showing off his guitar skills with a rock-and-roll vibe.

      His catchy and lady-pleasing track “Just the Way You Are” capped off the set list before the encore, prompting the entire arena to sing along. We don’t know about you, but it’s not every day that you get a chance to karaoke with 19,000 people.

      Mars and the Hooligans thanked Vancouver for having them, and left the stage (this may have stifled a few cries). After the crowd began clapping and cheering and hooting and anything else you can think of, they made it back on stage for two more songs.

      He may be lacking in the height department, but his big voice makes up for it.
      Tammy Kwan

      The reggae and pop-style “Locked Out of Heaven” elicited screams of happiness, but the audience didn’t reach peak euphoria until the special effects machines shot out gold confetti (of course it would be gold confetti). “Uptown Funk” was the final song that Mars performed, and it was nothing less than spectacular.

      Bruno Mars knows how to keep people entertained with his captivating voice and well-rounded showmanship, and he does it damn well. This concert was one for the books, and we hope he keeps Vancouver at the top of his list for future tour destinations.

      For those who didn’t catch his concert last night, you may be in luck. He’s putting on one more show tonight, and we hear that Ticketmaster has released a few more tickets for those who are keen on listening to his dance-inducing tracks. 

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