On Our Radar: Peach Pit blowing up into something big, with "Seventeen" video another reason to get excited

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      Peach Pit first caught our attention back in May of 2016, with the Vancouver quartet’s four-song debut Sweet F.A. winning praise for finding beauty in the pain and disappointment that comes with almost all relationships, not to mention life in general.

      Since then the world has slowly been discovering the band’s winning brand of Tropicália-tinted indie pop.

      After being posted on YouTube this past February, the dreamy “Peach Pit” has piled up nearly 1.7 million listens (yes, you read that correctly), commenters praising the song as the perfect soundtrack for summer memories they wish they had.

      The video for “Drop the Guillotine”—in which singer-guitarist Neil Smith details a friend moving in on the one he loves—has meanwhile clocked an impressive half-million YouTube views.

      All that’s led to requests from bookers to play in places far beyond Vancouver; promoters have reached out to group from both India and Indonesia.

      First, though, Peach Pit—which includes guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy, bassist Peter Wilton, and drummer Mikey Pascuzzi—will be headed to the U.S. for a tour that includes a stop at Seattle’s iconic Bumbershoot Festival. 

      A full-length album is scheduled for release this fall.  In the meantime Peach Pit is keeping busy with the release of a new video, “Seventeen” off Sweet FA.

      Try not to swoon.