You gotta see: The Matinée

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      Given that it’s now just as easy to stumble across an obscure Allman Brothers Band recording as the latest Billboard chart topper, all music is “new” in the modern age.

      Sure, that means a whole raft of badly recycled samples atop FruityLoops hip-hop beats, but it also means that four bearded old school friends can synthesize the sound of Tom Petty, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and “Jack & Diane”–era John Mellencamp, and make something timeless.

      More than a decade later, the Matinée is still truckin’, mixing Florida Georgia Line–esque melodies with crunchy guitar riffs and rock ’n’ roll accents—and doing a damned fine job of proving that Canada’s roots music is just as powerful as its southern neighbour’s.

      Tracks from the band’s latest album, Dancing on Your Grave, will be showcased at the Fox Cabaret on Thursday (August 10).

      The Matinée, "Dancing On Your Grave"