Learn how to breakdance, MC, DJ, and graffiti at free afternoon workshop 4 Elements of Hip-Hop

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      Leaving their regular haunts of Fortune Sound Club, occasional Blueprint venues, and Cartems Donuts, the city’s hip-hop heads will be out in force on Saturday (August 12) to bring their style to Vancouver’s streets.

      Stripping the genre down to its roots, a number of the city’s more prominent underground performers will be both demonstrating and instructing attendees on hip-hop’s four elements—emceeing, DJing, graffiti, and street dancing—in an event titled, fittingly, 4 Elements of Hip-Hop.

      Opening the day at 12 p.m. will be students from metro Vancouver’s very own DJ academy, Table Tutors, who will be showing off their newly-acquired skills in one-hour back-to-back mini-sets.

      1 p.m. will see their teachers steal the spotlight to coach passers-by on how to scratch records better than Shaolin Fantastic on The Get Down. With expertise in training how to beatmatch with tempo changes, live blend, and master transition effects, the Table Tutors will put the public on the road to winning live DJ battles.

      Running concurrently will be a street dance workshop, focused on breaking. Led by Ru-Tang—a veteran b-boy—and dance battle champion Top Rocks, the workshop will teach the basics of the style’s power moves, spins, and footwork.

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      For those who can’t stop watching 8 Mile—or hyping Eminem’s upcoming movie about the Toronto rap battle scene—it’s worth checking out Young Nige’s emceeing workshop at 2 p.m. A seasoned rapper and host of events like the long-standing Art Battle at Red Room, the performer has plenty of chat and even more tips.

      The graffiti workshop will start at the same time, showing attendees how to put their stamp on a wall—and requiring them to come up with a half-decent hip-hop moniker.

      At 3 p.m. the experts are slated to take over with an all-styles street dance battle. Brotha Jason (Immigrant Lessons) and other fan favourites will be hitting the floor, with the winner of the competition walking away with a swag basket that includes two tickets to Westward Music Festival, two Vancouver Mural Festival tour tickets, a $50 gift card to Cactus Club, and more.

      Rap takes centre stage from 4.30 p.m., with Roya & Francis and Friends With the Help spitting some bars before a multi-performer cypher showcases some of the city’s best emceeing talent.

      Closing out the day will be a dance party at 5.30 p.m. with DJ Innez, where attendees can show off all the moves they learned earlier in the day. Or, you know, just let the pros take over.

      4 Elements of Hip-hop is at the parking lot of Main and 5th on Saturday (August 12) from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m.