On Our Radar: Sam Tudor's "Truthful" video has us looking forward to the grey of fall

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      Talk about starting out in one place and ending up somewhere else you didn’t expect.

      With Sam Tudor’s Quotidian Dream now out on the streets—and fall officially on the horizon—it’s a good time to revisit the video for “Truthful”, released as an album teaser just before summer.

      The clip opens with sprinkler water hitting a closed window, and a lonely, troubled-looking guy staring out of parted blinds on a grey West Coast day. Over the next four minutes hypnotically meditative lines like “I write about the beaches but never see the sand” are set to scenes of leaf blowers being fired up and plastic wading pools being tossed onto a pile that suggests a major backyard-spring cleaning.

      By the time a blue ball bounces across the grass as a twig-strewn sofa is being dragged to god knows where, it’s obvious that Tudor and director Lucas Hrubizna are after something deep, which they then proceed to deliver with an end sequence that could easily be played for laughs but instead ends up sad and mildly creepy.

      By the way, did we mention that after a long, hot, and bone-dry summer, that fall is just around the corner? On that front, you won’t find a better lead-off track for that bring-on-the-grey-skies Spotify playlist than “Truthful”. Yes, it’s that beautiful.