Watch Gord Downie in the studio recording posthumous solo album Introduce Yerself

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      Gord Downie may be gone, but we haven't heard the last of him. The Tragically Hip frontman, who died on October 17, made one final solo record, Introduce Yerself, which will be released by Arts & Crafts tomorrow (October 27).

      The double album was recorded over two four-day sessions in January 2016 and February 2017 with producer Kevin Drew, musician Dave Hamelin, and engineer Nyles Spencer at the Hip's Bathouse studio in Bath, Ontario. (The Hip's Man Machine Poem was also recorded at the Bathouse with the same personnel.)

      On the eve of the new album's release, Arts & Crafts has released a short video that shows Downie and company in the studio tracking vocals for one of the songs.

      In a recent New York Times article, Simon Vozick-Levinson compared Introduce Yerself to the final efforts of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen


      But as with much of Mr. Downie’s finest work with the Hip, there’s a feeling of specificity that sets it apart: The lyrics he wrote for its 23 tracks aren’t metaphors or prayers but detailed love letters addressed to friends, family members, old flames and other key figures from his life.


      Introduce Yerself comes out digitally and on CD tomorrow, with the double-LP vinyl version shipping on December 1.