Dance like the living dead with the Georgia Straight's scarily awesome Halloween 2017 playlist

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      Oh, sure. You could just go to a bar on the Granville Mall and fight for space with drunken, handsy frat boys in cheap Donald Trump masks. That doesn't sound at all like the most awful way to celebrate Halloween, does it?

      Oh, wait. It totally does. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to have fun this weekend that don't involve submitting your mortal soul to the horrors of puke-streaked dance floors and overpriced drinks. There's a great list of those right here. And, if we may be so bold, we'd like to throw our own idea into the mix for your consideration.

      Host your own Halloween party! How you decorate your abode and what snacks and libations you serve is strictly between you and your Pinterest board. We, however, can help you out in one crucial area: spooky tunes. Below you will find a Spotify playlist containing 50 tracks guaranteed to get even the living dead bobbing their heads. (Not to be confused with bobbing for heads, which is a party game best left to the cannibals among us.)

      This year we've tried to avoid the obvious, because let's face it, you never, ever really want or need to hear "Thriller" or "The Monster Mash" again under any circumstances. And while we love Ministry's "Everyday Is Halloween" and everything ever released by the Misfits, they've become too-predictable go-tos at this point. (Although, um, there might actually be a Misfits cut in there somewhere.)

      So, dim the lights, fire up the playlist below, and wait for the Great Pumpkin to come.

      To keep the party going, check out last year's spooktacular playlist here.