K-pop group Twice releases music video "Likey" starring...Vancouver

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      Vancouver regularly plays roles in TV and film for an endless stream of Hollywood productions. But every now and then an Asian production comes to town to use the city as a backdrop. Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok shot the action-drama feature film Project Gutenberg here this past summer, and another example from this year comes from South Korea's music industry.

      Today (October 30), K-pop group Twice, composed of nine female members, released the Vancouver-shot music video for their single "Likey" from their first studio album Twicetagram, which was also launched today.

      Vancouverites and those familiar with the city will have no problem recognizing numerous settings, such as the Seawall, several locations in Gastown, a jaunty ride on the SkyTrain, and the colourful downtown backlane between Granville and Seymour streets otherwise known as Alley Oop. In the mix, there's also a gelato shop, Steveston streets, a West Cordova sign, Marine Garage, and plenty more.

      Set to an effervescent ditty about the agony of trying to elicit a social-media "like" from a crush (because c'mon, who hasn't experienced that?), the video follows a high school student who pulls a video camera out of a locker to make a film of her friends making their way about the city and breaking into choreographed dance routines (just like all Vancouverites do on a daily basis).

      "Inside the small screen, I wanna be the prettiest yet still I hide my feelings deep inside," the English translation of the lyrics burble. "Pose for the camera—aren't I pretty? When you see this, make a smile, and press hard on that cute red heart-heart down there."

      Check out the video below and see how many places you can identify. Or likey.

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