Tegan and Sara achieve a teenage dream by landing in comic-book pages of The Archies

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      There are famous perks to making it as a pop star, including never having to get up at 6 a.m. to toil at Starbucks and working in a profession where alcoholism is not only tolerated but encouraged. Then there are the kind of bonuses that make you thank the ghost of Bob Montana that you chose to pick up the guitar.

      On that latter front comes news that Vancouver’s own Tegan and Sara Quin will be appearing in an upcoming issue of The Archies—the newly launched comic book that chronicles the adventures of the band responsible for the immortal candy-dipped gem “Sugar Sugar”.

      Archie Comics rolled out the first edition of the spin-off on October 4, with the series devoted to following the rock ’n’ roll travails of the band made up of singer-guitarist Archie Andrews and his friends Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones.

      Rather having the Archies play Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe twice a month until all of Riverdale gets sick of them, the comic book’s creators have chosen to send the group out on the road where they’ll meet musicians that exist in real life. Chvrches was the first act to crossover onto the series' pages.

      The Canadian dynamic duo of Tegan and Sara are now on board, and the Quin sisters—currently on tour for the 10th anniversary of their landmark release The Con—could not be more excited. First they tweeted the news multiple times. 

      Their excitement included Tegan Quin telling MTV News: “Growing up we loved Archie comics. We would read them in line at the grocery store and beg for them when we would go on vacation to Vancouver Island in western Canada every summer. I vividly remember passing back and forth copies of the latest Archie comics in the minivan as we made the 11-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains. We feel truly thrilled to be included—even in print form—in some small way with the comic.”

      The Tegan and Sara issue will have one of the Arichies' members announcing they want to quit the band mid-tour, at which point the Quin sisters will step up with some tips for not killing each other when making music for a living.

      “I love the mix of acts we’ve gotten to jam with the Archies, and Tegan and Sara are no exception,” The Archies co-writer Alex Segura stated on archiecomics.com. “The fun part about writing this series is that the groups coming in get to meet the Archies at different points in their musical journey, and this issue will find the Archies at a major crossroads—one that might change the makeup of the band forever.” 

      The Archies' creative team contains nothing less than some self-confessed super-fans. 

      “Of the bands we’ve featured thus far, I’ve been a fan of Tegan and Sara the longest, and I think their team up with The Archies will make for some exciting comics,” artist Joe Eisma stated on archiecomics.com. “I’m looking forward to drawing this super talented and stylish band!”

      Tegan and Sara will appear in The Archies' issue number five, which is due next February in finer comic shops.