Will Booker T. Jones jam with the Drive-By Truckers in Vancouver?

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      Sometimes my role as the listings editor at the Straight allows me to see things others might not notice.

      For example, poring over the hundreds of upcoming concert listings we have in our database, I noticed that keyboard legend Booker T. Jones and guitar-rockers the Drive-By Truckers are both scheduled to play Vancouver on February 2, 2018. Jones is booked over in West Van at the Kay Meek Centre, and the Truckers are downtown at the Imperial.

      Big whoop, I hear you say.

      Well, maybe you aren't aware of that awesome album from 2009, Potato Hole. That's the one where the DBTs acted as Jones's backing band and--with the help of Neil Young on guitar--went to town on a number of killer instrumentals, including a rollicking version of OutKast's "Hey Ya!" that blew me away.

      I wasn't the only person who dug Potato Hole, as it won the Best Pop Instrumental Album award at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

      A little further investigation into the upcoming Vancouver gigs reveals that Jones's gig starts at 7:30 pm and the Drive-By Truckers probably won't hit the stage until 10 at the earliest, considering they have Lily Hiatt (John's kid) scheduled to open at 9. 

      According to Google Maps, it would only take Booker about 22 minutes to drive from the Kay Meek to the Imperial. Tack on an extra 15 minutes to get his trusty Hammond B3 loaded up, and he'd be there in plenty of time to join the Truckers in an encore version of "Green Onions".

      They're kinda committed to pulling it off now that I've brought it up, right?