Fresh and local: The Deep Cove

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      The Deep Cove, To Love the End of the World

      The title of the Deep Cove’s debut reads like a self-help book someone needs to write for our endlessly terrifying times.

      The quartet fittingly goes the hippie route on To Love the End of the World, but not in a new-agey way. Instead, expect the kind of retro reverb-bathed ’60s psych that guarantees an invitation to Austin’s Levitation fest.

      The paisley-hued sludge of “Other Gods” and the dreamily disorienting “Capricorn” is potent stuff—and great for wasting an afternoon with two ounces of Purple Rockstar. Lest one have something better to do than take root on the sofa with a bag of Chips Ahoy!, To Love the End of the World isn’t all cellophane flowers and marmalade skies.

      Spin the bong-water stomper “Deeper and Darker” and you’ll be inclined to hit the garage with a six-pack of Rolling Rock and a couple of Nuggets-fixated friends.

      Feel free to call in sick tomorrow and get busy firing up the amps—you’ve got a great excuse: namely, the fact that the end of the world is on the horizon. 

      The Deep Cove, "To Love The Coming End Of The World"