Yellowknife’s Quantum Tangle asking for help after guitars stolen from rental van in Vancouver

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       In a preview that ran last week in the Straight, the members of Yellowknife’s Quantum Tangle  talked about how the Arctic-beautiful as it is-has a dark side.  Yesterday they learned the same is true of Vancouver.

      Greyson Gritt from Quantum Tangle had two guitars and other gear stolen from a rental truck yesterday. The duo, which includes singer Tiffany Ayalik, is  in town for a pair of shows Friday and Saturday night at the Cultch.

       The band is hoping someone in Vancouver might have information leading to the return of the stolen equipment. Anyone with info can contact Jen Edwards via email ( or phone (867-334-8069).

      Here is the statement from Quantum Tangle:

      Hi folks. We have some sad news to share. Most of our equipment was stolen in Vancouver in the wee hours of the morning. Can you please help us find them? Grey's guitars and pedals were taken, and we'd really love to get them back! Please share and if you can, put some energy into the world for us?

      The Cases are both black and made by the respective guitar makers. Both are hard flight cases.

      Acoustic case has a "Bushman NT", "Wild Kitchen", "Alianait" stickers
      Electric Case has "Folk on the Rocks" and "Alianait" stickers

      Martin 000-28 acoustic guitar
      Natural colour
      Serial #1510733
      Small nicks on headstock and neck.
      Rosewood fretboard

      2004 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS
      Serial #: DZ5158700
      Amber colour body
      Tortoise shell pick guard
      Maple Neck
      Noticeable repair on the body where it meets the bottom of the neck.

      Purple Carry-On "IT" brand luggage - in it:

      Pedal Board: Pedal Train Classic 2
      Power Supply: TrueTone CS7 Pure Isolated Power Brick

      Quantum Tangle Tangle Tangle:

      - Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3
      - Ibanez TubeScreamer TS9
      - L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.
      - Kilpatrick Audio Lush Puppy Reverb with Delay
      - Boss Loop Station RC-3LS
      - Boss FS-5U - Unlatched Modular Footswitch
      - Radial BigShot ABY Amp Switcher

      There is an SM58 mic in there too, and a braid of sweetgrass :(