On Our Radar: Jody Quine shows an amazing vulnerability in "Go On"

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      The first step to making life better when going through a rough patch is to admit that you’ve got a problem. It’s only then that you can work on starting to let the light back in.

      Luckily we’re in a time where the importance of working on one’s mental health has never been more of a talking point. With that in mind, huge respect to Vancouver artist Jody Quine, who's sent her new video, “Go On”, out into the world with some very personal, not to mention brave, revelations.

      Sometimes there’s no improving on the words of others, especially when they’ve clearly come from a place of not only admirable strength, but also complete vunerabilty.

      Here’s what Quine has had to say about “Go On”, which is one of the most powerful music videos you’ll see this year, local or otherwise. Remember, sometimes the best thing you can do is reach out and talk. 


      Facing Darkness and Mental Health.

      I wanted to share with you that my friend, DC Lessoway, and I, have made a music video for my song Go On and you can view it HERE.

      In the fall of 2014 I went through a depression, as I’m sure many of you understand, it can be a very hard and lonely time. No matter how much is going on around you, the ability to connect or feel anything but the weight of sadness enveloping you is basically impossible.

      At the darkest silence, heavy, and feeling so alone, I sat at the piano.

      From that stillness came this song. It helped to get me over the hump, it guided me to out myself on Facebook, so I could stop lying about seeming okay, and it also taught me something very important about myself, that I always need to be able to, and allow myself to, make music.

      Having faced some other dark times over the years, and also being somebody who meditates, I remembered that in this space I could also make choices about who I wanted to be as I healed. I decided I wouldn’t fake anything, and I would be open to what brought me any sense of joy. I had only that 1 thing, that was I needed be able to make music, and everything else was empty.

      With that knowledge I went through my days’ tasks. I had no energy, no interest, or heart. Nothing. It was 3 days later when the first thing that brought me the slightest whisper of joy happened. It was my 5 year old daughter running towards me when I was picking her from school. It was the first sense of warmness since I’d admitted to myself the truth of this complete empty. I knew as a mother, my children SHOULD be my purpose, but I bravely wanted to absolutely trust my spirit to guide me through. I was then also relieved and grateful.

      It was that moment I decided that if a choice or opportunity wasn’t about those 2 things, music, and my children, therefore my family, it wasn’t worth my energy or my worry. I lived that way for over a year and rebuilt my strength and spirit from there. Now whenever things get heavy or hard, I remember to slow down and listen to my internal guidance system, my spirit, and ask myself; is this about my family or music? and if not, then I let it go.

      Every step in our lives, every struggle, is an opportunity to love ourselves a little more, and to listen to what it is that might truly bring us enough joy to Go On.

      Here is a link to the new music video for the song I wrote during that time. I hope it speaks to you and helps you through any dark times you might have or are facing. Feel free to share it with those you love who could use a helping word in a loving melody.

      If you need some other positivity, I’m still posting positive thoughts daily on facebook, twitter, and my website under the hashtag #ShineYourLight. Drop by and say hi. <3

      Sending you light and joy, and I do love to hear from you so drop a line anytime.