AC/DC is such a tease

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      AC/DC is such a tease.

      For over two years now there's been rumours flying around about the beloved Aussie earbusters releasing a followup to their 2014 Rock or Bust album, the first one ever recorded without revered rhythm-guitarist and co-songwriter Malcolm Young. (Young had been diagnosed with dementia, which led to his death on November 18, 2017, at the age of 64.)

      Okay, I'll admit that I'm responsible for starting a lot of those rumours. In August of 2018 I reported on that one of my "rock 'n' roll sources on the street" had spotted Malcolm Young's replacement on guitar, his nephew Stevie Young, in downtown Vancouver. More importantly, accompanying Stevie Young was Phil Rudd, the longtime AC/DC drummer who'd played on such wicked albums as Powerage and Back in Black

      That breaking news was followed up with more weighty evidence of the band's return when photographic proof of the band being in town was provided by local AC/DC fanatics Glenn Slavens and Crystal Lambert. (Shutterbug Slavens shot the band hanging out on the back deck of Warehouse Studios from Lambert’s Gastown apartment.)

      Long story shorter, AC/DC freaks worldwide (and there's a lotta them) went hog-wild at the prospect of another, most likely final, album from their heroes. Not to mention the possibility of another world tour.

      Which leads us up to today's little bit of AC/DC buzz. Literally.

      The band released a very short clip on social media depicting its trademark lightning bolt sputtering on and off to the sound of a Gibson SG getting plugged into an amp or something.

      Apparently not realizing that I'm the main guy when it comes to spreading awesome news about AC/DC, Angus Young opted not to call me directly and tell me what the nine-second teaser all means.

      So I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

      In the meantime, here's a choice selection from Malcolm Young's all-time favourite AC/DC album:

      SEPTEMBER 29 UPDATE: AC/DC continues to tease the hell out of its fans with new hints of what's to come. Maybe the new album will be called PWR/UP