Alternate version of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours tops world's bestselling records list for last month

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      Discogs is probably the best website in the world for buying, selling, and researching vinyl records.

      The crowdsourced data contained therein is staggering to the uninitiated music fan, as is the availability of rare and unique LPs, 45s, EPs, 78s, and any other manner of vinyl recording, both legit and bootlegged.

      Cassettes, CDs, and some obscure digital variants as well as promotional releases also do a brisk business, but it is the vinyl treasures, mostly, that attract sellers and buyers to the estimated 59 million items currently up for sale to anyone in the world with the wherewithal to buy.

      Discogs's catalogue of 7.2 million artists and 13.4 million releases keeps its eight million "active community members" busy and happy, even when not in a buying mood.

      The 20-year-old Portland, Oregon-based site (which started as a database for electronic music) also publishes its top 50 records sold worldwide at the end of every month. Following are the top 10, with brief descriptions and cover pics for the top five, along with a link to the same for the entire top 50.

      (And in case you're wondering about the enduring popularity of some of the biggest sellers on the list, reissues and remastered records released specifically for the [usually] twice-a-year Record Store Day event often dominate the top rankings.)

      #1 Fleetwood Mac: The Alternate Rumours—Vinyl LP; limited edition (16,000); remastered with early takes, alternate and acoustic versions, and demos; released September 2020

      #2 Paul McCartney: McCartney—Vinyl LP with gatefold cover and obi, limited-edition (7,000) half-speed-master reissue, released September 2020

      #3 (tie) Roger Waters: The Wall (Live in Berlin)—Two clear-vinyl LPs in gatefold cover, limited edition (8,000) 30th-anniversary reissue, released September 2020

      #3 (tie) Britney Spears: Oops!...I Did It Again (Remixes and B-Sides)—Translucent-blue vinyl LP, limited edition (4,600), compilation, released September 2020

      #5 Various: Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)—Two vinyl LPs in gatefold cover, limited edition (2,500) 25th-anniversary compilation, released September 2020

      #6 The Doors: Soft Parade/Stripped—Clear-vinyl LP, numbered limited edition (12,000), released September 2020

      #7 Primus: Suck On This—Transparent-blue vinyl LP, remastered limited-edition (5,000) reissue, released September 2020

      #8 Brandi Carlile: A Rooster Says—Yellow-and-black translucent-vinyl, single-sided and etched, 12-inch 45 rpm; limited edition (10,000); released September 2020

      #9 Daft Punk: TRON Legacy (Vinyl Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack)—Two translucent-blue vinyl LPs with gatefold cover, limited-edition (1,000) 10th-anniversary reissue, released September 2020

      #10 Ramones: It's Alive II—Two vinyl LPs (one single-sided and etched) with gatefold cover, limited-edition (8,000) 40th-anniversary remastered release, released September 2020

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