Amateur pugilist Jack White gives us another reason to find Trump-bumping Guy Fieri disgusting

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      As poor Jason Stollsteimer once found out, amateur pugalist Jack White is the last rock star you want to be on the bad side of. With that in mind, it sucks to be Guy Fieri right now.

      In an Instagram post, the White Stripes legend turned solo artist has taken dead aim at Fieri, and a select group of other celebrities, for doing their part to show a level of respect to the “disgusting piece of shit” known as former American President Donald J. Trump.

      White was clearly something less-than-impressed by what he saw at a UFC martial arts event this past weekend in Las Vegas. The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host was captured ringside jovially chatting with former American President Donald Trump. Also caught kibitzing with the Mango Mussolini were Mel “Sugar Tits” Gibson, Spotify science-denier Joe Rogan, former ginch model Mark Walhberg, and UFC Hair Club For Men candidate Dana White.

      Here’s White's post:

      The self-elected Mayor of Flavortown has never been a favourite of musicians with good taste. You might recall the Black Keys offering this assessment of the bleached-blonde Food Network celebrity during a 2012 Interview magazine chat: “He’s one of the most irritating motherfuckers, but you can’t look away. I’m blown away that he has a career talking about how bitchin’ every burrito is, while getting food over his 1999 relief-pitcher goatee.”

      As for where things go from here, one can only dream about the possibilities, including, perhaps, White climbing into the ring at a future UFC to battle Fieri for charity.

      The last bona-fide American rock star has proven his fistic prowess in the past, including his one-sided ’90s run-in with Stollsteimer. Fieri, meanwhile, has shown himself more than willing to get into spirited slap fights with his hairdresser.