The Beatles' Revolver album to be released as super-deluxe box set with previously unreleased outtakes and demos

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      I finally got around to coughing up the cash for a subscription to Disney+ so I could watch director Peter Jackson's massive Beatles documentary Get Back, and boy, was that an eye-opener.

      Hours and hours of watching the Fab Four struggle to write and record a handful of tunes--and also argue, drink tea, and fuck around a lot--made for some essential viewing for hardcore Beatles fans. 

      And of course it all paid off when they finally enlisted the talents of super-cool keyboardist Billy Preston, who got them off their butts and rocking, leading to that incredible rooftop concert at the end.

      Beatles freaks like me who can't get enough of their behind-the-scenes antics and previously unheard recordings should know that Universal Music has announced the release, on October 28, of super-deluxe editions of the band's acclaimed 1966 Revolver album. You know, the one that opens with George Harrison's "Taxman".

      As well as a new stereo mix and original mono master of the original album, the packages come with a 100-page hardbound book and a four-track EP, but the real bonus is the 31 previously unreleased session takes and home demos. Now you'll be able to hear things like take 2 of "Eleanor Rigby", John Lennon's demo of "She Said She Said", the songwriting work tape of "Yellow Submarine", the second version, take 8, of "Got To Get You Into My Life"; and the first version, take 2, with giggling, of "And Your Bird Can Sing".

      Here's the full tracklist of the super-deluxe vinyl edition, which you can preorder here.

      LP One: Revolver (New stereo mix)

      Side 1

      1: Taxman

      2: Eleanor Rigby

      3: I’m Only Sleeping

      4: Love You To

      5: Here, There And Everywhere

      6: Yellow Submarine

      7: She Said She Said

      Side 2

      1: Good Day Sunshine

      2: And Your Bird Can Sing

      3: For No One

      4: Doctor Robert

      5: I Want To Tell You

      6: Got To Get You Into My Life

      7: Tomorrow Never Knows

      LP Two: Sessions One

      Side 1

      1: Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)

      2: Tomorrow Never Knows (Mono mix RM 11)

      3: Got To Get You Into My Life (First version) – Take 5

      4: Got To Get You Into My Life (Second version) – Unnumbered mix - mono

      5: Got To Get You Into My Life (Second version) – Take 8

      6: Love You To (Take 1) - mono

      7: Love You To (Unnumbered rehearsal) - mono

      Side 2

      1: Love You To (Take 7)

      2: Paperback Writer (Takes 1 and 2) – Backing track – mono

      3: Rain (Take 5 – Actual speed)

      4: Rain (Take 5 – Slowed down for master tape)

      5: Doctor Robert (Take 7)

      6: And Your Bird Can Sing (First version) – Take 2

      7: And Your Bird Can Sing (First version) – Take 2 (giggling)

      LP Three: Sessions Two

      Side 1

      1: And Your Bird Can Sing (Second version) – Take 5

      2: Taxman (Take 11)

      3: I’m Only Sleeping (Rehearsal fragment) - mono

      4: I’m Only Sleeping (Take 2) - mono

      5: I’m Only Sleeping (Take 5) - mono

      6: I’m Only Sleeping (Mono mix RM1)

      7: Eleanor Rigby (Speech before Take 2)

      8: Eleanor Rigby (Take 2)

      Side 2

      1: For No One (Take 10) – Backing track

      2: Yellow Submarine (Songwriting work tape – Part 1) - mono

      3: Yellow Submarine (Songwriting work tape – Part 2) – mono

      4: Yellow Submarine (Take 4 before sound effects)

      5: Yellow Submarine (Highlighted sound effects)

      6: I Want To Tell You (Speech and Take 4)

      7: Here, There And Everywhere (Take 6)

      8: She Said She Said (John’s demo) - mono

      9: She Said She Said (Take 15) – Backing track rehearsal

      LP Four: Revolver (Original mono master)

      Album tracklist (same as above)

      Revolver EP (7-inch vinyl)

      Side 1

      1: Paperback Writer (New stereo mix)

      2: Rain (New stereo mix)

      Side 2

      1: Paperback Writer (Original mono mix remastered)

      2: Rain (Original mono mix remastered)