The Beatles to release super-deluxe vinyl box set of Let It Be, featuring 27 previously unreleased tracks, on October 15

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      Universal Music Canada has just announced that the Beatles will release a super-deluxe vinyl box-set edition of their final album release, Let It Be--the one with "Get Back"--on October 15. (In case you didn't know, Abbey Road was actually the last album the Beatles ever recorded, but it was released eight months before Let It Be.)

      Hardcore Beatles freaks will be thrilled to know that the super-deluxe edition also features 27 previously unreleased outtakes, studio jams, and rehearsals.

      Other goodies include a four-track EP, a 14-track Get Back stereo LP mix compiled by engineer Glyn Johns in May 1969, and a 100-page hardcover book with an introduction by Paul McCartney, track-by-track recording information, and previously unseen photos.

      Super-deluxe vinyl edition track listing:

      LP One: Let It Be (new stereo mix of original album)

      Side 1

      1: Two Of Us

      2: Dig A Pony

      3: Across The Universe

      4: I Me Mine

      5: Dig It

      6: Let It Be

      7: Maggie Mae

      Side 2

      1: I’ve Got A Feeling

      2: One After 909

      3: The Long And Winding Road

      4: For You Blue

      5: Get Back

      LP Two: Get Back – Apple Sessions

      Side 1

      1: Morning Camera (Speech – mono) / Two Of Us (Take 4)

      2: Maggie Mae / Fancy My Chances With You (Mono)

      3: Can You Dig It?

      4: Don’t Know Why I’m Moaning (Speech – mono)

      5: For You Blue (Take 4)

      6: Let It Be / Please Please Me / Let It Be (Take 10)

      7: I’ve Got A Feeling (Take 10)

      Side 2

      1: Dig A Pony (Take 14)

      2: Get Back (Take 19)

      3: Like Making An Album? (Speech)

      4: One After 909 (Take 3)

      5: Don’t Let Me Down (First rooftop performance)

      6: The Long And Winding Road (Take 19)

      7: Wake Up Little Susie / I Me Mine (Take 11)

      LP Three: Get Back – Rehearsals and Apple Jams

      Side 1

      1: On The Day Shift Now (Speech – mono) / All Things Must Pass (Rehearsals – mono)

      2: Concentrate On The Sound (mono)

      3: Gimme Some Truth (Rehearsal – mono)

      4: I Me Mine (Rehearsal – mono)

      5: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Rehearsal)

      6: Polythene Pam (Rehearsal – mono)

      7: Octopus’s Garden (Rehearsal – mono)

      Side 2

      1: Oh! Darling (Jam)

      2: Get Back (Take 8)

      3: The Walk (Jam)

      4: Without A Song (Jam) – Billy Preston with John and Ringo

      5: Something (Rehearsal – mono)

      6: Let It Be (Take 28)

      LP Four: Get Back LP – 1969 Glyn Johns Mix

      Side 1

      1: One After 909

      2: I’m Ready (aka Rocker) / Save The Last Dance For Me / Don’t Let Me Down

      3: Don’t Let Me Down

      4: Dig A Pony

      5: I’ve Got A Feeling

      6: Get Back

      Side 2

      1: For You Blue

      2: Teddy Boy

      3: Two Of Us

      4: Maggie Mae

      5: Dig It

      6: Let It Be

      7: The Long And Winding Road

      8: Get Back (Reprise)

      12-Inch Let It Be EP

      Side 1

      1: Across The Universe (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)

      2: I Me Mine (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)

      Side 2

      1: Don’t Let Me Down (new mix of original single version)

      2: Let It Be (new mix of original single version)

      The Let It Be reissue is also available in various other formats, all of which you can preorder here.