The Belle Game continues to evolve on Sleep to Grow

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      Sleep to Grow EP (Independent)

      Sometimes boasting up to eight members, the Belle Game—currently operating as a six-piece—is Western Canada’s answer to indie-pop bands like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. And the outfit is going to reinforce Vancouver’s place on the international map with its latest release, Sleep to Grow.

      The five-song EP dances into its title track with delicate piano chords and a soothing vocal melody. The tune builds up with trumpet, violin, and percussion, as singers Andrea Lo and Adam Nanji switch off vocal duties. That waltzes into “I Wish You Weren’t Like a Dead Lover (Sometimes)”, with up-tempo percussion and lingering open-chord strums giving the band a shoegazey quality.

      “Bloom” is up next, a folksy tune that features arpeggiated acoustic guitar and smatterings of banjo held together by underlying violins. Its triumphant chorus suggests an angelic church choir, as all six members lend their pipes.

      “Pink Carnations” follows as the perfectly crafted pop song, blending keyboards, understated drums, and controlled guitars. The Belle Game’s knack for lyricism is highlighted through its rolling vocal melodies.

      The EP ends on “Wool Pt. II”, a spare and dreamy tune with lilting orchestral sounds. Sleep to Grow proves true to its title, being dreamy enough to fall asleep to while showcasing the group’s growth since its previous release, 2009’s Inventing Letters.