Bob Moses comes to you with a live album and a message that sometimes it's okay to be afraid

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      Stop and consider for a second how deeply scary it is to uproot yourself from the familiar to pursue a dream. And then admire how former Vancouver boys Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance not only did that, but found that sometimes everything falls perfectly into place.

      You know them as New York City-based Bob Moses, the duo that started playing in underground Big Apple art spaces, made their official Vancouver debut DIY-style at a house party, and winningingly conquered the world with a strain of rapturously chilled-out EDM.

      In a more sane year, you might have looked forward to Bob Moses returning to Vancouver from their adopted base of NYC. A very short list of past triumphant homecomings have seen them sell out the Commodore and appear on the cover of the Straight.

      Unfortunately, no one is going anywhere in 2020—and that includes you. In case you haven’t been glued to the news today, forget going to Tofino to storm watch, the Okanagan to hit the wineries, or Nelson to smoke your brains out at the Kootenay Craft Company.

      But taking some of the sting out of that is that Bob Moses is coming to you. Just like they did around Halloween.

      In October Howie and Vallance did something cool, ascending to the top of an abandoned Topanga, California radio tower and then working their way down one live song at a time. Sometimes you saw them going back to their roots by playing as a two-piece, sometimes in a full-band format.

      Or maybe you missed it.

      If that’s the case, today brings an encore performance of the Owen Brown-directed concert. Even better, you’ll be getting a permanent keepsake of that day with the November 20 release of the live album Falling Into Focus—Live 2020.

      Live the Topanga dream here all day today. Buy Falling Into Focus all the regular places. And then tell yourself that you’re doing to follow in the footsteps of Bob Moses and do something scary. And, hopefully, endlessly rewarding. Watch "Desire", directed