Brent Butt retweets clip from episode of Corner Gas where he kicks the Tragically Hip out of his garage

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      I follow a few comedians on Twitter to try and score a chuckle now and again in these trying times.

      Conan O'Brien comes up with some hilarious one-liners; George Wallace knows how to tickle the funnybone and whatnot. ("I grew up so poor our dog could only get one rabie.")

      And for Canadian content I like to check Brent Butt's tweets.

      Yesterday the standup comic and creator/star of the hit Canuck sitcom Corner Gas retweeted a post from @honouringgord, a Twitter account paying tribute to the late Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie.

      The post linked to a YouTube clip from a 2005 Corner Gas episode in which Butt's character Brent Leroy's fictional rock band, Thunderface, is looking for a place to rehearse. He decides that he'll give the boot to "the local kids" currently using his garage as a practice space.

      Next thing you know he's interrupting the Hip while they're working through "It Can't Be Nashville Every Night" from their 2004 In Between Evolution album.

      "Don't tell me what the poets are doin'," replies Brent when a frustrated Downie explains that he's working on the song's lyrics.

      In other Tragically Hip throwback news, last Friday (February 19) marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the band's Road Apples album. Here's the interview I did at the time with Hip guitarist Rob Baker, who was still known as Bobby Baker back then.

      Time flies, eh?