Chin Injeti releases new video/single "For the Love of Life"

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      Vancouver songwriter and producer Chin Injeti has released a new video-single titled "For the Love of Life".

      The former frontman of Bass is Base--who has won various Grammy and Juno Awards and made music with or for the likes of Dr Dre, Eminem, Drake, Pink, and K’Naan--recorded the song with Teon Gibbs.

      Chin Injeti

      According to Injeti's statement on the website Our Basement, the new single "paints the picture of how women of colour are mistreated in society. Women are the vital backbone of the family unit. They are the givers of life… when we disrespect them, we disrespect life.

      "A significant lyric is 'teach them to say your name the right way'," Injeti adds, "When I was young, no one even tried to say my name properly. With so much history and heritage attached to these names, one shouldn’t have to beg for that common courtesy."