The closest summer has to must-see TV, Netflix's Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 gets a cred endorsement from Carson Daly

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      For reasons that start with the inescapable reality that it’s, well, totally fucking nuts, Netflix’s Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99 has been one of the must-see TV surprises of the summer.

      Burning port-a-potties. Testosterone-jacked and totally deplorable frat boys, complete with backwards baseball caps. Korn back when Korn was one of the weirdest superbands on the planet. Raw-sewage mud pits and garbage fields that would make the ghost of Iron Eyes Cody cry. Boobs, dongs, and beavers. Eight dollar bottles of water. Fred Durst being peak Fred Durst. Real-life versions of Beavis and Butthead. And Kid Rock, back when he was actually a true American badass instead of a proudly MAGA moron.

      It’s should surprise no one that Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99 has become an instant pop-culture touchstone for everyone from Liam Gallagher...

      to MAGA uber-moron Lauren Boebert....

      You know you’ve done something correct when everyone is not only talking about your creation, but standing around the water cooler going “How the fuck did that happen”. And by that, we’re talking the music-fest shitshow to end all shitshows—not the documentary, which is so great one has to wonder why it wasn’t made sooner.

      Once you’ve seen it, half the fun of Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99 is checking out what folks are saying on social media. Including those who weren’t there, but have had the chance to relive the magic via the world’s most famous streaming service.

      Like, for example:

      But what’s really crazy is that, if anything, Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 director Jamie Crawford might have undersold what an epic cluster fuck the festival was. Which is kind of amazing considering we see everything from loaded loogans yelling “Show us your tits” at Sheryl Crow to the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s playing Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” as the grounds literally burn in front of them.

      Two of the many “what the fuck” moments have both Wyclef Jean and former MTV Total Request Live host Carson Daly being pelted mercilessly with objects thrown by the sun-baked and price-gouged crowd.

      Jean was arguably the author of misfortune. Before paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix with “The Star-Spangled Banner”, he inexplicably announced the following: “At this time you are free to throw your plastic bottles when I start this record”.

      As for Daly, his problem was being one of the guys who had access to not only the stars, but the backstage deli platters, beer tubs, and air-conditioned tour buses at a festival where the ripped-off and angry common rabble was left to fend for itself.

      Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 shows him trying to conduct interviews while dodging everything from coins and lighter to batteries, bras, and Birkenstocks. As crazy as it all looks, Daly took to Instagram today to state that reality was far more terrifying.

      “All I can say is I thought I was going to die,” he wrote. “It started off great, TRL live from the side of main stage interviewing all the bands (like Jay from Jamiroquai) & then started getting pelted with bottles, rocks, lighters, all of it. It got insane, fast. Nightfall, Limp plays ‘Break Stuff’ & the prisoners were officially running the prison.”

      At least the crowd stuck to breaking stuff during Limp Bizkit. The next night it was gleefully burning stuff as the Red Hot Chili Peppers played, leaving the site looking like something that resembled a war zone.

      Daly’s Instagram post continues with: “My boss MTV Dave says to our staff/crew backstage, ‘We can no longer guarantee your safety, it’s time to go!’ I remember being in a production van driving recklessly through corn fields to get to safety. It was so crazy & a blur now.”

      Crazy? Well, that’s one way to describe it all. But this one is better, not to mention inarguably funnier.

      Should you have been one of the two people you know who hasn’t yet watched Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99, here’s a preview of what awaits you. Two starting words: fucking. nuts.