Corb Lund fan ticked off about ticket situation

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      Today I got an email from a guy named Jay Fisher who is a Corb Lund fan and who was really hoping to score tickets to one of the Canadian country star's two upcoming gigs at the WISE Hall.

      I like Corb Lund too, but it's not so much his current country stylings that I'm crazy about. I liked Corb Lund best back in the '90s, when he was a member of hard-rockin' Edmonton band the Smalls

      He was called Corby Lund back then.

      Anyway, getting back to Jay Fisher, he's ticked off because he reckons there were no Corb Lund tickets left by the time they went on sale to the general public at 10 am this morning. He suspects foul play.

      Take it away, Jay.


      I saw the listing in the Straight for the Corb Lund shows at the WISE on January 20 and 21, 2022.  I also got a notification from Live Nation offering me pre-sale but those tickets were only available to American Express card holders. I knew that general public tickets were going on sale on November 26 at 10:00 am thru Ticketweb so I logged on to that site at about 9:55 am and it was posted that both shows were sold out. This was even before tickets were made available to the general public. I waited until it was 10:00 am and tried again and then again at 10:05, 10:10 and 10:15. Each time the Ticketweb site stated that both shows were sold out.
      I know the WISE has a capacity of about 200. Would Ticketweb have sold all 200 tickets to each show to AmEx card holders on pre-sale ticket availability? I suppose that's their prerogative if they made that choice to get sell outs by making tickets only available to an exclusive group. I bet Corb Lund appreciates sell outs but would want some tickets made available to us plebes that can't afford an AmEx card.
      I'm pretty pissed off about being shut out of having any chance to buy tickets for a show that was advertised as having tickets available to the general public, but in fact did not. Does this happen very often on exclusive pre-sale offers? Do artists have any input into how tickets are made available? I don't know if you have written about this before, but I'm betting Ticketweb (and their owner Ticketmaster) don't care who bought the tickets as long as the shows sell out.
      So I'm pissed off, but I don't have any option to buy tickets except from the exclusive supplier so I'm not going to boycott them or anything because I still want to go to shows now that we have the ability to do so again. I guess I can go on the scalper market and see what I can find, but really, $55 for Corb Lund was kinda at the top end of what I was willing to pay for that show.
      Thanks for reading my rant. Hope your day is better than mine.
      If there really were no tickets, not a single one, made available to the general public as advertised, I can see why Jay Fisher is ticked. That does seem pretty tacky. I doubt Corb Lund would approve, and the Smalls would never have pulled that shit.