Cream's Live at the Forum released on blue vinyl so we can all hear Clapton wail on "Crossroads" one more time

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      Universal Music has just announced that it will release a limited edition, two-LP, blue vinyl version of Cream's Live at the Forum on April 23.

      That's good news for guys like me who will never tire of hearing Eric Clapton go to town on Cream's revved-up version of Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" (aka "Crossroads").

      As far as verified supergroups go, Cream didn't last long. After Clapton joined forces with bass legend Jack Bruce and drum god Ginger Baker the trio only stuck it out for two years, but managed to bang out four albums and such tasty originals as "White Room" and "Sunshine of Your Love", along with the "Crossroads" cover.

      All three of those songs are features on Live at the Forum, which was recorded at the Los Angeles Forum during their Goodbye Tour of 1968. 

      “Cream was a shambling circus of diverse personalities who happened to find that catalyst together," Clapton is quoted as saying in a press release, "any one of us could have played unaccompanied for a good length of time. So you put the three of us together in front of an audience willing to dig it limitlessly, we could have gone on forever…. And we did….just going for the moon every time we played.”

      Track listing:

      Side 1

      Introduction by Buddy Miles
      "White Room"
      "I'm So Glad"

      Side 2

      "Sitting On Top Of The World"
      "Sunshine Of Your Love"

      Side 3


      Side 4