Disrespectful scenester jags ruined my good time

You make the music section clean up Justin Bieber’s puke, and we reward you with a Payback Time T-shirt and two tickets to a Live Nation club show of your choosing. Here’s this week’s winning whinge.

Dear Payback Time: Man, I couldn’t believe it when I read in your Olio Festival review that Julie Doiron was the “best-received act” that night, because everybody goddamn TALKED OVER the entire second half. Usually, the Canadian Goddess of Melancholy’s voice is enough to make anyone hush up. Not so with the disrespectful scenester jags at that show.

> Marvic Adecer

Vivian Pencz responds: Dearest Marvic—First off, awesome name, which leads me to assume you’re some kind of Viking. I must say that I feel a bit letdown by your letter. On one hand, I’m relieved that you used this space to air your frustration at the “scenester jags” who marred your experience at the show, instead of ripping apart my review or crying that I can’t write because I’m too young or because I have a vagina. The latter charge has been implied by the furiously typing hands of some irate Straight.com commenters. On the other hand, your politeness is kind of disappointing, because it’s always fun to mock people who take music and/or music journalism way too seriously—i.e., most people on the Internet. Anyhow, you’re right in saying that Julie Doiron’s audience was annoyingly loud at times during the show. I still think she was the best-received act of the night, since those who were engaged in the performance were loving the shit out of it, and the crowd she pulled was massive compared to the other bands. I do remember that at one point a fan became so enraged by some hipsters gossiping loudly over a quiet moment in the set that they shrieked “EVERYONE, SHUT UP!!!” or something to that effect, almost scaring the ironic mustaches right off the hipsters’ faces. (To those who didn’t attend the show, that literally happened.) Maybe that incensed fan was you? If so, good job, sir. I’m sure the Canadian Goddess of Melancholy will reward you heartily for your efforts in the afterlife.

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