Doja Cat and Courtney Love make a badass connection in a Super Bowl Taco Bell commercial with a puzzling message

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      Depending on one’s perspective, it’s either the most vile affront to everything the alternative nation once held sacred, or the coolest fucking thing since Rico Nasty confirmed her undenying love for Joan Jett to Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

      When the Super Bowl airs Sunday, American football fans will see the world of two legendary, and unapologetic, pop-music shit disturbers collide in the name of Taco Bell.

      Rapper Doja Cat has recorded a new version of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin”, featuring updated lyrics from Courtney Love. Watch for the song to make its major network debut during Super Bowl LVI in a Taco Bell commercial titled “The Grande Escape”. For those who tape the game just so they can fast forward to the award-winning ads, the spot will air in the fourth quarter.

      Famous for threatening to punch out the staff of Vanity Fair, actually punching out riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna, and being the most badass of all the badasses in the early’90s grunge explosion, Love is one of the most fascinating—and polarizing—figures to ever strap on a guitar.

      Over the course of her meteoric rap career, Doja Cat has been accused of being a homophobe, racist, COVID-19 denier, and an unrepentant fan of both bananas and peaches (which makes one wonder if her critics have any fucking idea what they’re talking about on the criticisms front).

      She’s also probably got herself uninvited from the Taco Bell office party this year by leaking the ad yesterday on her Instagram account.
      Either that, or Taco Bell got exactly what it was expecting from the rapper. After all, the fast-food giant remains enthusiastic about the partnership.

      “Doja Cat is not one to follow rules and that’s what has made working with her so fun,” Taco Bell brand creative Tracee Larocca said in a statement. “We are excited to see the fan engagement play out through our spot on game day.”

      Here’s the clip below, which starts out at a clown school called Clown Conformus. In what seems like a missed opportunity, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J are nowhere to be seen at said school, the same going for Pogo the Clown, Pennywise, and Donal Trump.

      After an, um, grand escape, the clowns then end up in a parking lot no longer looking like spreading clown love is their lifelong goal. Suck on that Ronald McDonald. The subliminal presumably being that clowns might be scary, but true badasses drop out of clown college and blaze their own path, with Live Más hot sauce spicing up the journey.

      Either that or you'd be as cool as Courtney Love and Doja Cat, and also the Butthole Surfers circa-Locus Abortion Technician, if you owned a car that looked like a cross between a Volkswagen Thing and an African Safari car from Hatari! starring John Wayne. Who, despite what you might have been led to believe in Repo Man, was probably also a badass.