Further fuelling the argument Joe Keithley is a living legend, D.O.A. founder gets a second AGGRONAUTIX Throbblehead

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      There’s no one definitive answer to the famous question “What becomes a legend most?”, but here’s a good one: you’re the inspiration for not one, but two, AGGRONAUTIX Throbblehead figurines. Take a bow Joe “Shithead” Keithley because you’re about to be immortalized for the second time.

      Punk rock-obsessed collectors will remember the iconic D.O.A. frontman getting his first Throbblehead back in 2013, with AGGRONAUTIX capturing him in his period-specific cut-off jean jackets and blonde-coiffed hair. Those figurines were hand-numbered and limited to 1,000.

      The sequel Throbblehead—which will hit the web, not to mention finer record stores—early next year depicts an ’80s-era Keithley, spikey-haired and raging while holding his famous Gibson SG.

      AGGRONAUTIX announced the figurine—which will be 7 inches tall and limited to 500 hand-numbered units as follows: “D.O.A.’s second album Hardcore ‘81 was thought by many to have been the first actual reference to the second wave of the American punk sound as hardcore... But this is the second coming of Joey Shithead Throbblehead!”

      Those who want to make sure the new Keithley figure takes its rightful place on a shelf between the 2013 Throbblehead can get their pre-orders in now here. AGGRONAUTIX completists, meanwhile, can also look forward to seeing the Descendents’ Everything Sucks-era Milo Aukerman, the Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen, and H2O’s Toby Morse immortalized next year.