Gibson partners with the guy from Greta Van Fleet to honour the SG guitar on its 61st anniversary, but where's Angus and Tony?

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      When I think about the Gibson SG I usually picture Angus Young from AC/DC playing one as he duckwalks across the stage, blasting out the raunchy licks of "Whole Lotta Rosie" or something.

      Or maybe I'll envision Riffmaster General Tony Iommi standing in one spot while using his trusty SG to ravage eardrums via one of Black Sabbath's doom-metal classics.


      The first person I think of when somebody shouts "Gibson SG!" isn't the guitarist from Greta Van Fleet.

      But that didn't stop the iconic American instrument brand from partnering with Jake Kiszka to honor the SG as it celebrates its 61st anniversary this year. They're clearly shooting for a younger demographic.

      “My first electric guitar was an SG with P90s," says Kiszka in a press release issued today, "and I haven’t gone back on it since. The ’61, this particular model, has defined me as a player and I think I’ve defined it in return.

      "Moving forward with Greta Van Fleet and the SG allows me to be more dynamic and create sounds that are more outside the realm of conventional.”

      Interested parties who wanna rock like Angus, Tony, and Jake can shop for Gibson SGs here.