Gogol Bordello brings the party to the Commodore

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      Talk about excellent timing. If you are anything like us, you start drinking seriously—not to mention heavily—on the morning of December 24 and then, begrudgingly, make an enfeebled pledge to sober up sometime on Boxing Day afternoon. Fuck that shit this holiday season. This year you are going to keep the good times rolling. Why? Because the nonstop party known as Gogol Bordello is headed to town. Not only that, but everyone’s favourite red wine–chugging gypsy punks are doing two nights at the Commodore (Friday and Saturday [December 28 and 29]). That means there’s no sense sobering up until January 2, when you can officially start thinking about giving your liver a break. Lord knows that, by that time, that particular vital organ will deserve a little bit of pity.


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      gogol bordello hypocrisy

      Dec 28, 2012 at 5:39pm

      why are comments critical of gogol bordello's dismal stance on palestine not being posted here by the straight? as someone who enjoyed the music of this band and followed them before finding out that they ignored the international call for an academic and cultural boycott of israel, i find it very telling that any voices speaking to this issue are silenced. so is this what punk music looks like today? to write and perform songs about immigrant rights, about justice and standing up against oppression while completely disregarding a global call to boycott israel, a state constructed illegally on the occupied territories of palestinians? this is not the punk music that i stand for or support and nor will i support a local publication that censors criticism against israel or any other oppressors. my expectation is that this comment will be published along with others in a similar vein. otherwise there will be definitely be sustained follow up with the straight. a long time straight reader

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      Martin Dunphy

      Dec 29, 2012 at 1:28am

      Above poster:

      What are you on about, please? Go to our search engine, type in "Israel", read the 39 pages of listings, hundreds of articles and letters, and possibly thousands of comments posted thereupon, and tell me the Georgia Straight is "a local publication that censors criticism against Israel".

      Then please tell me how you can be a "long time straight reader" and type those words.

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      the original poster...

      Dec 29, 2012 at 10:34am

      Well Martin, I think the first commentator is referring to the fact that the Straight did not post my piece (see below). Got a smug reply for that?.....

      GB used to be my favourite band – who can resist great Roma-punk rhythms and pro-immigrant lyrics? Too bad it’s all a sham…

      Eugene wears a shirt stating “No Human Being is Illegal” Great! Then they play Tel Aviv, even after much comment on their facebook (now sanitized!), ignoring the call by Palestinians for musicians to support them by not playing in Israel. Could Eugene really not understand how Israel has made it illegal to be a Palestinian in their own land under Israeli occupation?

      By consciously choosing to play in Israel GB have clearly chosen dollars over anything this old punk would recognize as punk politics. Welcome to the mainstream Gogol! Sadly, you may not have the guts to stand up to the Zionists, but know that you have lost an ardent fan, and there are more of us to follow. Your hypocrisy overwhelms your music, and can only be redeemed by a strong statement of commitment to the oppressed in all struggles, and especially Palestine. Until then I will now always consider you just a bunch of carefully constructed posers….

      For more on the call for a cultural boycott of Israel and a true punk perspective please check out Punks Against Israeli Apartheid


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