Greg Godovitz, who once bonked me on the head with his bass at a Goddo show, releases new book

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      Remember concerts?

      I sure do. There are some moments from Vancouver concerts I've attended that I'll never forget.

      Like that time Gene Simmons almost set the red-velvet curtains of the Commodore Ballroom ablaze with his fire-breathing act when Kiss played there on the Hotter Than Hell tour.

      Or that time the Edge wandered right off the Rogers Arena stage at the opening show of U2's Innocence and Experience Tour.

      Then there's the time Goddo bassist Greg Godovitz accidently bonked me on the head with his bass while pulling it off so he could leap off the Body Shop stage and chase down a heckler back in 1978 or something.

      When Godovitz released his first memoir, Travels With My Amp, there was no mention of bonking me on the head with his bass. Maybe the incident made the cut on his new book, Up Close and Uncomfortable, which was announced today.

      “After the success of Travels With My Amp, people wrote in asking for more, so I started the process again,” says Godovitz in a press release. “After one hundred pages of more insanity, I realized I was just repeating myself. This is why there’s no sequel to Travels; I decided on something different.”

      Godovitz notes that Up Close And Uncomfortable "isn’t quite as disgusting as the first book". It covers things like "meeting Ringo, or spending a night in jail for hiding a computer mouse, or sitting next to a shape-shifting alien on a late-night flight. You know, normal, everyday stuff."

      “Everyone who has read it says it’s very funny," claims Godovitz, "and considering the current state of our world, that’s not a bad thing.”