Grimes declares that contrary to popular belief, boyfriend Elon Musk doesn't fund her musical career

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      Once again, Grimes's Instagram account has offered up more fodder for music writers. This time it came when the Vancouver-born musician declared that she needs money for her arty music videos.

      That's because according to Grimes, her boyfriend, Elon Musk, doesn't fund her career.

      Musk, CEO of Tesla, is currently worth US$160.1 billion on the Forbes list of billionaires. Grimes, who was born and raised in Vancouver, has a contract with Columbia Records.

      The revelation about her boyfriend came after Grimes posted a new song on TikTok.

      She states in text in the post that her label didn't think it should be a video. So she wanted to know what her followers thought.

      Naturally, this brought on a bunch of responses, many of which are too sexist and/or misogynistic to post here.

      Someone needs to tell these knuckleheads that if Grimes wants to fund her own career and succeed on her own merits (and she already has), she shouldn't be dragged through the social-media muck for this.

      We get it that most people dislike the super-rich. And many of us want them taxed at far higher levels.

      To quote former Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez adviser Dan Riffle, "every billionaire is a public-policy failure".

      But just because Grimes is living with one of the richest men on Earth doesn't mean she needs to rely on handouts from him to succeed in a very competitive field. We're not living in the 1950s anymore.