Grimes takes a long look in the New Year's mirror and wisely decides the music biz is insufferable

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      The time around New Year’s is traditionally for some deep self-reflection. You stand in front of the mirror, take a deep and loathing look at the person staring back, and then decide maybe it’s time to do something about everything that’s wrong on a personal level.

      This year you’re on the same wavelength as Grimes.

      Yesterday, the Elon Musk ex, former Vancouverite, and famously forward-thinking musician announced that she’s looking for a new direction in life.

      Taking to Twitter, the artist sometimes known as Claire Elise Boucher wrote “Celebrity culture is suffocating a f. I’m not quitting music, but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems.”

      BOOK 1 is, of course, not a work of literature, but Grimes’ next album. The first single, “Player of Games”, has already made waves as part of the soundtrack to the new season of the crazily successful esports game Rocket League.

      But back to having enough of the music industry. Six albums in (including BOOK 1), the idea of making records has evidently lost its luster for Grimes. At least she’s got other interests to turn to. When not standing in front of a microphone or tweaking things on the synth, Grimes has done well in the world of NFT art, selling US$6 million worth of work with 10 original pieces earlier this year. (“Death of the Old”, a video featuring an original Grimes song, was snapped up for US$389,000. The winning bidder got a one-of-a-kind video featuring flying cherubs and glowing crosses and swords.)

      The singer has proved herself skilled at album design—including for her own releases—and pursued neuroscience studies at Montreal’s McGill University. She’s also a judge on Alter Ego, a reality television show where contestants sing their lungs out while performing as digital avatars.

      Based on the Twitter replies, the consensus is that Grimes is doing the right thing by thinking about stepping back from the career that first made her famous.

      Feedback has included: “Born and raised in LA, it’s the clear winner as the worst industry I’ve ever worked around. Toxic and manipulative af from top down.”; “u can be my tattoo apprentice n we can make all the dark souls n bloodborne tattoos together”; and “become a twitch streamer”.

      As for the rest of us, time to start seriously reevaluating life. New Year’s, after all, is only a couple of days away. And, admit it, you really could benefit from changing things up.