Holiday discs 2012: Scala and Kolacny Brothers's December

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      Scala and Kolacny Brothers

      If your intention is to spend this month wondering how you managed to screw up so monumentally during the previous 11, Belgium’s Scala and Kolacny Brothers has the perfect soundtrack for your late-night wallowing. From Joni Mitchell’s guaranteed party-killer “River” (which studies have shown is one of the leading causes of seasonal affective disorder) to Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” and Linkin Park’s “My December”, this is basically a collection of the most depressing songs ever written, arranged for glum choir and doleful piano. In other words, it’s practically perfect, but only if you’re a terminal sad sack. Oh, there are a couple of originals, too, one of which has the cheery title “Tears Can Sparkle Too”. Pass the bourbon and razor blades, it’s time to party!