Hometown hero Michael Bublé performs with Foo Fighters, and then receives a game-changing invitation

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      Platinum records, sold-out stadiums shows, and the only post-‘70s Christmas specials worth watching are all Jim Dandy, but you’ve truly reached legendary status when the biggest rock star of his generation calls you a “badass motherfucker.”

      Congratulations, Michael Bublé, because you’ve made Vancouver proud once again.

      The official meeting of the Burnaby-based star crooner and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters came on Saturday. The alt-rock titans were playing the Outlands Festival in San Francisco. Back on the road after the death last year of Taylor Hawkins, Grohly and company have been touring with workhouse drummer-for-hire Josh Freese, who’s played with everyone from the Vandals to Nine Inch Nails to Devo. And—as trivia fans know—Michael Bublé.

      In recognition of Freese’s long and varied resume, the Foos have incorporated a segment in which they rip through songs—“Whip It”, “March of the Pigs”, Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”—that he has played on over the years.

      After announcing “Haven’t Met You Yet” at Outlands, Grohl put out a call for anyone in the audience who knew the lyrics well enough to come up and sing them onstage.

      Waving a sign that read “I Heart Bublé” in the audience was Bublé himself, who was promptly invited up to the mic. And then declared a badass motherfucker after nailing every line. Added bonus—he made the trip from holidays in Argentina because as Grohl said, you can never take a joke too far.

      How impressed was Grohl with the performance? Afterwards, he evidently extended an invitation which would have seen the Foo Fighters take on a new member. And then, based on the following, had second thoughts.